Signature Menu


Bao (G)(L)
Pulled duroc pork, Chinese cabbage,
chipotle, carrot, sesame and coriander
Vegetarian option available

Spring Roll (G)(L)
Braised brisket, spring cabbage, coriander,
mushrooms, chuchum mayo and ponzu
Vegetarian option available


A trip with the pig to Indochina (G) (L)
Duroc pork confit, variation of onions,
toasted panko and BBQ sauce


Petit fours (G)(L)(N)


Snacks & Starters

Oysters Deluxe (G) 125.-
3. One of each.
Champagne // Goma/apple // Nuoc cham

Spring Rolls (G)(L) 105.-
Braised brisket, spring cabbage,
mushrooms, chuchum mayo and ponzu.
Vegetarian option available

Bao (G)(L) 75.-
One with kimchii and one with pulled
duroc pork. Both are served with
Chinese cabbage, chipotle, carrot,
sesame and coriander. 
Vegetarian option available

Beef Tartare (G)(L) 135.-
Kaffir lime, ponzu, fresh berries, smoked marrow mayo,
white currants and lotus chips


Halibut (G)(L)(N) 195.-
Stuffed Halibut with coconutmilk and
kimchii, served with white and
green asparagus and a
dashi-sauce with cashew and trout roe.
We recommend rice as a side 40.-

Poke Bowl (G)(N) 175.-
Salmon, chuchum rice, edamame,
peanuts, pickled red onion, mango,
avocado and summer herbs
Vegetarian option available

A trip with the pig to Indochina 195.-
Duroc pork confit, variation of onions, toasted panko and BBQ sauce.
Served with rice

panpan Hotdog (G)(L) 185.-
Duroc pork sausage with red curry,
green shore crab, crab salad, red onion
and coriander. Served with fries


Strawberries (G)(L) 75.-
Almond cake with fresh strawberries,
Thai basil, white chocolate mousse
and strawberry sorbet

Petit Fours (G)(L)(N) 55.-
Three homemade sweets